Find the formula tailored to your hair’s ever-evolving needs.

Science-backed supplements for visibly thicker, faster-growing hair.

Identifying and targeting your hair growth obstacles.

Thinning hair has multiple root causes.

Research shows that several underlying factors within the body can impact the hair growth cycle. That’s why we developed a multi-targeted approach that addresses the key root causes of hair thinning.

  • Hormones
    DHT sensitivity can be caused by genetics, stress, poor diet, and toxins.
  • Stress
    Physical or emotional stress like giving birth or a demanding job.
  • Lifestyle
    Refers to your surroundings, the products you use, and foods that you eat.
  • Metabolism
    Influences how hair follicles receive nutrients from the body.
  • Nutrition
    Nutrient gaps that can result from a poor diet or a compromised gut microbiome.
  • Aging
    The scalp loses collagen and elastin as you age, meaning it’s not strong enough to hold onto hair strands.

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While many supplement brands rely on ingredient studies, we clinically test our finished hair growth formulas to show that they improve hair growth.

The ingredients in our patented Synergen Complex® are each backed by clinical research.

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